Greg Barton

Founder, Chief Executive, Consultant


Greg founded Chance For Change together with Andy Ashworth in 2011. A passionate philanthropist and passionate social entrepreneur with an exceptional career going back over four decades. Greg's wealth of in-depth experience in all aspects of national and international development work is outstanding. Greg has deep insight and vast experience in all areas of charitable work - from one-to-one counselling, programme development, negotiating with politicians at government level, attracting high profile patrons and much more. He has an extraordinary financial track record having raised over 35 million pounds in his career to date. Greg has founded several successful charities and breathed new life into existing ones, maximising their operational functioning for maximum outcomes, honing and infusing their ethos with new inspiration and expanding their charitable impact and reach. Greg is trained counsellor, sailing instructor and leader of numerous international expeditions in wilderness environments and has lived and worked in Nepal, Malawi, Sri Lanka and the UK. He is currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Andy Ashworth

Co-Founder, Director of Operations, Consultant

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Andy is based in Malawi as the Operations Director for Chance For Change, where he has been designing and developing a range of extremely complex programmes of work in areas including trafficking, child justice, and rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners. Andy is responsible for ensuring a high quality and consistent programme delivery across country operations, and ensures that all new programme ideas align with the ethos and philosophy of our training model. He has extensive experience of working in the NFPO/NGO sector, and has been involved in the design and delivery of programmes with a wide variety of client groups for more than 25 years. During that period he has specialised in the criminal justice sector, youth offending, and overseas development. Andy brings to bear his skills, dedication, and calm personality to help individuals with complicated and challenging life stories, to find a new direction and focus in life. He is passionate about innovation and relationship-based management, and has considerable experience in the design and operational delivery of personal and organisational effectiveness programmes. Andy started his working life in the Armed Forces. Certified in Reality Therapy, he also has considerable experience of cognitive behavioural work in wild and remote places, and has worked in remote environments around the world. In the recent past, Andy has lived and worked around Europe, Scandinavia, Africa, Asia, and South America.








David Campbell



David took on the role of Chair in 2019, inspired by Chance For Change's work in the Criminal Justice System in Malawi. David is passionate about changing the future of disadvantaged young lives. He is the managing director of Campbell & Co Design Consultants based in Edinburgh, which he founded in 1993 and is now regarded as one of the UK’s leading museum design practices. His creative energy is matched by his commercial knowledge and business experience. David is also a director of Challen Properties and Someone Publishing, as well as an artist and practising Buddhist.

Christina Morris

Board Member

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Christina is a qualified government lawyer. She has also worked as teacher, science educator and manager in the post-16 sector, supporting students in their transition from school to tertiary learning. Based in Edinburgh she also works as a freelance editor, mentor, qualified fitness trainer and coach.

Kate Ruby

Board Member

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Kate has 25 years of experience in criminal justice globally, focusing on the expenditure of resources in Corporate Social Responsibility within the Criminal Justice and Mental Health arenas. She is a specialist in forming partnerships and developing social projects and in enabling efficient use of resources to promote viable and functioning third sector organisations within the criminal justice and mental health sectors.



We are very fortunate to receive support from many like-minded trusts, organisations and individuals.

We are enormously grateful to the trusts that showed from the beginning -and continue to show- belief in us: the Rank Foundation and the Souter Trust. Without their support, both in terms of grants and guidance, we would not be where we are today.

Our work in Malawi would not be possible if it was not for the large amount of support we receive from the Scottish Government. This funding and partnership has enabled us to design and deliver two highly innovative and influential programmes and reach thousands of young Malawians every year.


The McConnell International Foundation funding has been instrumental in enabling us to pilot test and design the enormously successful Pioneers For Change programme. 


The Phillip Henman Trust has provided vital 5-year project funding for out vocational training in bicycle engineering, part of the Alternative To Custody programme.

In the UK, The Big Lottery Reaching Communities Fund four-year grant awarded in late 2015 has been a significant milestone for us. This funding has enabled us to step up our our Rites of Passage programme and roll it out to a wider young audience in the UK.


We have also been helped by grants from the Clothworkers Fund, Swire Trust and Help The Homeless, as well as smaller trusts who have been able to directly fund young people from their local area to take part in Rites of Passage programme.

We are enormously grateful to all our supporters.

Our partners are crucial to all our work in the UK, Malawi and previous work in Nepal. It is by working collaboratively with partners that we are able to maximise our impact.

In the UK our main partnership relationship is with our delivery partners at Centerpoint and Foyer Federation (UK National Homeless Organisations). These partnerships are crucial as they identify and prepare aspirant participants for our UK Beyond Boundaries programme. The partnership also allows us to bring fresh thinking and new ways of working to achieve long-term sustainable impact and share our learning and advantaged thinking approach. We are also supported by non-delivery partners like the Youth Hostel Association who provide our staff and young participants discounted rates and opportunities to volunteer in return for free board.

In Malawi we work in partnership with the Scottish Criminal Justice Board, sharing ideas and acting as a link between the two countries. To deliver our work we work closely with Malawi prison service, judiciary, police, international & local NGO's and local communities.

In previous programmes in Nepal we worked alongside national and local government, mainly the Youth Ministry, international & local NGO's and local communities.



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