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Unique & restorative wilderness experiences designed to build and restore the wellbeing, resilience 

& personal effectiveness of people working in the most high-pressured and challenging roles


Covid-19 is intensifying an already untenable situation in mental health.

Unmanageable workloads, pressure, anxiety, depression and stress have sharply increased over the last two decades. This already challenging situation is now exacerbated by the current global pandemic with unprecedented levels of insecurity and stress leading to an equally unprecedented mental health crisis in the social care & health sector as well as the corporate world. 

The number of individuals who are at breaking-point has increased sharply.


Covid-19 has increased pressure across all sections of society with financial stress both personally and across organisations, and general worries about the future, and in particular on senior management  with responsibility for staff teams and front line workers supporting an increased number of vulnerable people.


A recent survey found that 50% of health workers today are suffering mental health problems such as stress and trauma.

This mental health crisis also comes at a stark financial cost:


It is estimated mental ill health costs the economy £26bn annually through lost production, sick pay and NHS treatment, as well as the personal and financial costs that result from being out of work.

Around 300,000 people with a long-term mental health condition lose their jobs each year. 

In order for people to

be able to take care of others and to work efficiently under extreme pressure they urgently need space and time

to take care of themselves.


We have designed BEYOND RESILIENCE to bring sustainability

back into lives that

have become emotionally

& psychologically unsustainable.

Greg Barton


We offer space & time to breathe & be.

To reflect & reconnect, to recover & restore,

build resilience & develop.

We take people beyond being resilient.

The BEYOND RESILIENCE programme has been designed to specifically support individuals who are experiencing debilitating or unsustainable psychological loads at work and prevent, address and revert the depletion of inner resources.

BEYOND RESILIENCE creates the ideal conditions to call time out and, with guidance, for the development of strategies for self-care. This can help those working in even the most high-pressured and challenging roles to achieve sustainability; benefiting individuals directly, as well as having a positive impact on the many others in their professional lives.


The retreat programme is based in based in Tipis, which form our wilderness base camp, offering an opportunity for off-grid personal space for time and reflection. The unique setting for this nature-based programme is the wild and beautiful Ardnamurchan Peninsula in the Scottish Highlands.


By restoring the wellbeing and resilience of individuals, BEYOND RESILIENCE has a positive ripple effect on the people and organisations they work with, increasing their effectiveness, productivity and ability to care for others.


All group work and one-to-one sessions observe social distancing rules. The cabin-based accommodation is self-sufficient, allows for single occupancy and is professionally cleaned after each programme.


A three-phase programme 


A Chance for Change staff member will get in touch 4 weeks prior to the retreat. This phase comprises recommended reading, guided reflection to audit the current work and living environment and a first reflection on what positive change people would like to manifest.


7-Day Retreat 

There will be space and time to arrive, 'digitally detox' and breathe, tune into the natural world and the group. Group sessions with daily themes anchor and guide each person's self-reflection. Participants learn about the Chance For Change behavioural model and system of human motivation and learn new resilience-building strategies. One-to-one sessions with a staff member (a trained counsellor) provide an opportunity for in-depth reflection, deeper insight into the self and intensive personal development. Each participant is guided to develop a plan for implementing changes and integrating them into daily life. 


This is where plans for implementation of change are incrementally established. During this phase, which typically takes place over several months, Chance For Change staff offer support, supervision and mentoring online.

Individuals return to their lives and work recharged, with fresh enthusiasm, resilience, new strategies, and a renewed sense of purpose.

BEYOND RESILIENCE is based on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula on the West Coast of Scotland -one of the Uk's most remote, pure and wild places and an area of outstanding natural beauty. A rugged coastline, wild seas, long stretches of pristine white beaches and astonishing wildlife provide an extraordinary backdrop and space for our participants' wilderness experience and recovery.

Based in tipis by the sea participants engage in a simple way of living - away from the pressures of city life, work and the roles they play at home, and begin to adapt and tune into to the serene rhythms of the natural world allowing deep relaxation and self-reflection to set in.

If we want to face and solve problems and challenges we need to look after ourselves and recharge our batteries.

explore the spectacular location on the map 


for individuals

Increased understanding of and an improved relationship with oneself and others as well as increased personal sustainability levels boost the motivation, energy and wellbeing of the individual and have a positive ripple effect on their personal relationships and people in their care. Improved self-care strategies create a healthier balance between the individual's personal and professional life.

for organisations

Restored energy levels, increased motivation, mental wellbeing and resilience improve staff performance, productivity and staff retention levels, reducing employee absence and sickness leave, with a positive cascade effect on their teams and people receiving their support and care.

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Increased understanding of self-care and improved self-care strategies

Improved relationships with self and others

Increased personal sustainability levels

Improved balance between personal and professional life

This will not only be of benefit to them, but also ultimately to those in their care.

The BEYOND RESILIENCE programme has been developed in partnership with the Snowline Foundation, a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO), offering unique international journeys of self-discovery and personal growth with a powerful philanthropic impact.


To find out about how to become a corporate partner and build resilience within your own team, whilst supporting those who care for others, through our Pay-It-Forward scheme, please contact us.

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